DIY: How To Paint Rainbow Pencils

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                      This diy, on how to paint rainbow pencils will inspire all creative parent to make school fun for their children. My daughter Sofia and I has planned to do a diy for a long time that both of us would really enjoy. So I thought, having less than a month left until school starts. I thought of her school supplies. Just like that our minds collaborated and came up with something we both love doing which is painting. This how we came up with do it yourself on how to paint pencils  since she loves pencils and erasers as one of her collections.
                     My  nine-year-old daughter  is incoming fourth grade this coming school year. It has  always been a practice to label all her school supplies since She started school. We had always used the traditional way of using a label printer, which is a little boring. Just like the way She complains that school is so boring, constantly. Can you relate? So What better way to inspire my daughter to do her school work and the same time have fun is to make all her supplies looking happy and lively. I have tried it and Thank goodness, it worked. Also, It is a great way to distinguished right away what your child owns. This diy project gives you a bonding that would make your child the happiest.

diy Painted Rainbow Pencils

                      So Here is a one way to personalize your child/children’s pencil is by Painting them. I am not crazy and yes it might be a little more work but it is worth it. Fun and easy. Absolutely no rules. Paint as you please. Let your creativity shine!

diy Materials for painting pencils

What you need:
Ticonderoga Pencils
Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints
Paint brushes or Foam brushes will do
Painters tape
Paper towels/wipes
Styrofoam or Floral foam
Paper plate
1. Make sure clean your pencils. (Optional) Though It will make your paint adhere more if no oils or residues.
2. Cover the eraser part with painters tape.
3. Paint a base like white only if you would want to go for patterns like hearts, stars, initials, stripes, and whatnot.
diy How to prime your pencils
4. Let it dry for at least 20-25mins. I use the floral foam to dry my pencils. Alternatives: a glass with rice; glass with tiny pebbles; punch a box with holes; I say be resourceful without spending 🙂
diy Floral Foam to dry pencils
I used floral foam to dry them.
5. Start Decorating. Again Let your creativity shine.
diy Unleash every child creativity
Our Eye Candy/Rainbow Pencils.

diy Whimsical School Pencils

diy Eye Candy Pencils

Hope you had fun as much as I did. How did you do? I would love to see your creation. Again, Thank you for dropping by. Spread Love!!!



  1. What a fun project this is! Letting creativity flow can bring such exciting adventures, and these pencils are sure to be desired by your daughter’s friends. Maybe next year you can have a pencil painting party.

    1. Yes indeed. Like my daughter she was always on her gadgets, this is one thing she enjoyed and infact did it for a solid three hours just painting all her pencils. I would like to see yours when you do it:)

    1. Thanks Emily. Surely the kids will have fun. After painting maybe 20-25 pencils, my daughter wanted more. She loved it and Im glad it gave her a long break from gadgets. lol. Please share what you guys come up with, I would love to see them:) Enjoy!

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