How To Make Basic Spring Roll ( Lumpiang Shanghai Video)

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        Lumpia Shanghai or Spring Roll has been one of our favorite dish at home, as our family loves anything fried. I had to re-create lumpia because of my nine-year-old picky eater daughter. Being picky that she is, she refuses to eat meat since she was two. Vegetable became her life. I know eating vegetables is very healthy but that does not make you all that healthy because I know our body needs protein and iron.

One day, a visit to her doctor changed everything. She was diagnosed with Anemia. Her red blood cells are way too low, hitting the borderline. It was that very same day that I knew I have to do something. Doctor’s advice is to make her eat red meat, the least. This is where lumpia has been a savior for our tween. I am still working on trying different dish, so far this has been the only dish that works for her.


Lumpia Shanghai is basically a spring roll, which is a mixture of meat and vegetables that is wrapped with a spring roll pastry.  It is a versatile dish where you can create your own concoction. In Filipino cuisine, Lumpiang Shanghai is a staple dish in every household. It is very popular in every party, feast or gathering. It is usually a mixture of ground meat, which in my case I chose ground pork (ground beef or chicken are few alternatives you can use), shredded carrots, scallions, celery leaves, egg, soy sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  It is a very forgiving recipe as you can mix it with anything your palette craves for.  You have the option to use your favorite vegetables and meat. Going meatless would also work– to cater vegetarians.

As easy it is to eat, the preparation is very easy and manageable even for beginners but can also be time-consuming (only for the wrapping the rolls part).


Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your homemade spring roll at the convenience of your own kitchen and at your own pace.



                   Lumpiang Shanghai ( Spring Roll)


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