How To Peel & Cut Pineapple Traditional Way

           Pineapple has so many ways to peel and cut it, but the traditional way has stuck the most. I have continuously done the old way as you don’t waste a lot of the sweet part of the fruit. We had always referred the fruit as a fruit with many eyes. And I constantly ask why they peel it that meticulously. One thing, I remember as a child, my grandma uses to tell one of the house helpers when they cut pineapples, that they carefully take the skin off otherwise it will taste bitter. That is why this is how I peel and cut my pineapple all the time.
           Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is widely known all over its nutritious flavor of sweet and tart. Pineapple rich in Manganese and vitamin C which can help you improve your immune system and it is known to have health benefits, that can help you regulate your digestion because it has fibers that would keep you regular and keep your intestines healthy and clean. This tropical fruit has some essential minerals and potassium is one valuable source that reduces high blood pressure.

Organic Pineapple

          Pineapple is consumed fresh, juiced or preserved. In culinary, Its flesh and juice are used in cuisines all over the world. In the Philippines, the country where I grew up, the pineapple leaves are used to produce the textile fiber which is a material used to create “Barong” which is an embroidered formal shirt and considered the national dress for men in the country.


barong and saya

Photo credit: Rich Somes
 pineapple flesh
How-To Peel & Cut A Pineapple:
  1. Hold the leaves, Cut the bottom part of the pineapple.
  2. Cut the fruit upright and cut off the skin section by section.
  3. Using a paring knife, carefully cut the “eyes” of the fruit in a diagonal pattern. (Note: If you can still hang on to the leaves do not remove them yet as it is easy to maneuver when removing the “eyes” of the fruit.
  4. Remove the leaves.
  5. Ready to cut. For rings, just lay the fruit horizontally and cut about half-inch thick. For wedges, stand the fruit upright and cut lengthwise.
  6. Sprinkle a little salt and ready to serve.
 Pineapple Tutorial: 








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